David Bell Music

Adobe Odes

Contralto, flute, viola, and harp

     This is a nine-song cycle setting the poetry of Pat Mora. The texts are lyrical, fun, profound, and very musical, which made setting them a pleasure.

together one

Soprano, tenor, clarinet, cello, and piano

     This duet was commissioned for a wedding, set to a text written by the groom.


Clarinet and organ

     This was commissioned by a woman who wanted to hear the organ outside of a traditional context. This piece is a series of short dances with a carnival-like atmosphere.


Countertenor/Contralto, oboe, French horn, cello, and piano

     This was commissioned by a countertenor friend of mine. Being about the delight of friends the chamber ensemble really works; each instrument has a specific role in bringing the music together.

School for Scandal

Oboe, clarinet, and string quartet

     This was commissioned as incidental music for the play by Sheridan. It is in 3 short movements; Overture, Scandal Stomp, and Minuet.

snow, #1: the first snowflake

Violin and clarinet

     I was walking in Boston one November day and stopped to watch as a single snowflake slowly danced its way to the ground.

Echoes of Las Ventas

Three trumpets, two trombones, and tuba

     This was inspired by the artistry, history, and magnificence of the bullfighting ring in Madrid, Spain. (Just to be clear, this work has nothing whatsoever to do with bullfighting itself.)

Ravel's Ravel

Clarinet, cello, and piano

     This was a birthday commission for a man named Ravel, so naturally it is based on Ravel's Bolero. All the repetition you love, with more harmonic and rhythmic interest!

The Lovers

Flute and violin

     This is in two short movements, the second one on a theme by my friend, Rey.

Macbeth's Seduction

Flute, clarinet, bassoon, and string quartet

     This is a ballet piece depicting the witches in Macbeth not as old hags but as beautiful, young seductresses.

Earth canon

Flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon

     This is a 12-tone piece, but accessible in a slow, polyphonic style to emphasize the importance and and the sequential nature of the melody.

Chamber Works