David Bell Music

Miscellaneous & Arranged Works

A la ruru

SAB choir acapella; Sacred; Easy

     This is a harmonization of the traditional New Mexican Los Pastores melody.

Chorus of Priestesses


SSAA choir and string orchestra

     I arranged the orchestral score for strings only for a performance my choir was in. I also tinkered with the English translation.



SATB choir and string orchestra (piano)

     This arrangement is of the choral parts only, the string orchestra arrangement already existent. I also did a piano reduction for rehearsal only.

Midsummer Lullaby

Children's voices and alto, tenor, and bass recorders

     The text is from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, and is a gentle and contented soporific.

King David

Children's voices and handbells

     A short and simple song about David as a boy, teenager, and king. It is designed for the children to both sing and play at the same time.

Stoptime Rag

Scott Joplin

Recorder jazz band

     Yes, you read that correctly. This is arranged for a recorder jazz band.

Elegiac Song (Eleigischer Gesang)


SATB choir and piano; Secular; Moderately difficult

     Transcribed for choir and piano.

Alleluia, the Lord Is Risen

SATB choir acapella; Sacred; Easy

     A very short, chant-like hymn for communion during Eastertide.

Da ispravitsia (Let my prayer arise)


SATB choir acapella and soprano/mezzo solo; Sacred; Moderately difficult

     In Russian, arranged for more choral treble participation and no TB divisi.

Neverending Road (Amhran Duit)

Loreena McKennitt

Soprano and alto soli, dulcimer, and viola

     An arrangement for a wedding.

Huron Carol

SATB choir (w/ minor divisi), Native American flute or flute, and hand drum; Sacred; Moderately easy

     An arrangement of the well-known Christmas carol, in the original Huron (Wyandot) language.

Dies irae

SATB choir acapella; Sacred; Intermediate difficulty

     A harmonization of the plainchant.

Dum pater familias

SATB choir acapella; Sacred; Intermediate difficulty

     A harmonization of the plainchant.

The Colorado Trail

SATB choir and piano; Secular; Intermediate difficulty

     A harmonization and arrangement of the traditional cowboy song.

Nïne Silï Nebesnïya (Now the Powers of Heaven)

Available in SATB choir acapella or TBB choir acapella; Sacred; Moderately difficult

     A transcription of a Russian Orthodox chant from the 17th century. In Russian. The SATB version has arranged the soprano part as a descant.