David Bell Music


Services and Pricing

New works

     A musical dedication (or a unique, personal piece of music) makes a special gift for weddings, memorials, anniversaries, life events—any reason you can think of!


     Arrange an existing piece for your particular performance ensemble—traditional or otherwise (copyright permissions fees may apply).

$100-$300 per minute of music, or negotiated by project.

Notation and Transcription

   If you have music in your head, or a recording of an improvisation you played or sang once, let’s put it on paper so you can keep and share it.

$30 per hour, or negotiated by project.

Formatting and Printing

    Let me work with you to clean up and format a piece you’ve written for submission or publication. I’ll also help polish an old music file to make a nice gift.

And I can even create music graphics for presentations.

$30 per hour, or negotiated by project.

Directing, Teaching and Lessons

    I’m available to teach group and private lessons and classes on many musical topics, including voice, music theory, music history, history of Russian music, composition, songwriting, conducting, and playing the Native American flute. Let me help design and present a course for your group or event.

     I provide coaching in musicianship to ensembles and individuals.

     And if you like, I can direct your ensemble for a special concert or presentation.

Negotiable, depending on length of lesson or class, coaching needs, or directing project, or on the course development time and research requirements.

If you have questions, ask! There is no charge for queries, discussions, or consultations.