David Bell Music

Old Pottery


     This is a work of 8 miniatures, based on a painting by Stephen Morath titled "Night Flight".

snow, #3: a walk in the park


     This was inspired on a walk, or rather, a spirited romp with my dog through Franklin Park in Boston. We were the first ones there after a storm had blanketed us with nearly 2 feet of snow.

Red Crawdad Blues


     I was on a camping trip a few summers ago when a prank war escalated to boiling and hiding a crawdad in someone's coffee mug. The prank was a rousing success...

a daydream


     Written for a friend in high school, this is a flight of fancy.

Claire at 16

Native American flute (or flute)

     This was a commission from a mother for her daughter's 16th birthday.

A Melodie "Cheerily Romantic" in Character, for the Occasion of a Wedding

2 versions: violin and viola

     This was commissioned for a wedding, and was subsequently used in another wedding.

Solo Works